Bad Girls

I just ordered this book by Caitlin Davies. It’s a new history of Holloway prison. One of my potential research topics is related to Sarah Waters’ The Paying Guests and F. Tennyson Jesse’s A Pin to See the Peepshow - so it will be perfect reading should I end up pursuing that particular topic and of great interest to me regardless. I finished reading A Pin to See the Peepshow and I think it is an amazing novel which should be more highly read. The ending of it is so chilling - you will cry and be angry at the injustice of the justice system. Julia Almond is a great character too - a 1920’s British Madame Bovary.



I’m taking a bit of a break from writing to play Titania in a kid’s theatre production Rapunzel! I haven’t acted for quite some time so it’s very exciting. I think it’s always really healthy to step away from writing and live a little in other worlds for a bit. Particularly for writing theatre - acting is a great perspective to shift yourself into. Other than that I have started planning my potential research for next year. I have a few different topic ideas so it will be a case of settling on the best one. More on it later.